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We help our clients ensure compliance with federal, state, and local accountability requirements.

Student Information Systems

We provide student information system support including state & federal compliance reporting, student grading, master scheduling, and 3rd party data extraction.
State & Federal Compliance Reporting
  • CBEDS (California Basic Educational Data System)
  • ORA (Online Reporting Application)
  • Federal CRDC (Civil Rights Data Collection)

Student Assessment Data & Programming
  • Student Grading & Master Scheduling
  • CELDT & TOMS data linking
  • 3rd Party Data Extraction for 3rd-party SIS (e.g. SELPA, NEAP, Illuminate, SchoolMessenger) data import

SIS System Maintenance
  • Student Information uploads and downloads
  • Attendance reporting to verify CALPADS chronic student absenteeism and truancy totals and rates
  • LTEL (Long-Term English Learner), At-Risk, Foster Youth, Homeless and Special Education student identification and monitoring

National School Lunch Program

We help with the entire National School Lunch Program process, including application submission, vendor acquisition, student applications, and program management.
Application Process
  • Coordinate application process with your state agency
  • Oversee vended meal and Food Service Management Contract

Program Implementation
  • Provide staff training on all NSLP regulations
  • Process all meal applications using School Food Authority (SFA) software
  • Send home all notification letters to households
  • Perform verification process and report to the state

Program Management
  • Review all meal data and submit monthly meal claims
  • Monitor program compliance through onsite audits
  • Reconcile vendor invoices and meal production records


We support site teams with CalPADS & SIS integration, P1/P2/EOY reporting, and SSID creation and retrieval.
SIS Integration
  • Create and upload required extracted CALPADS files
  • Remote and/or onsite staff training

SSID Creation and Retrieval
  • Weekly retrieval
  • Fall1, Fall2 and EOY reports