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We support school teams to achieve student academic achievement and growth.

Teacher Growth

Teacher Growth

We work with teachers to improve student outcomes through instructional coaching, professional development, and assessment analysis.

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Instructional Coaching
  • Teacher observations
  • Collaborative growth plan development
  • Effective instructional strategies training
  • Classroom management planning and support 

Professional Development
  • Year-long planning support
  • Presentation development and implementation
  • Based on teacher observations and student performance data

Assessment Analysis
  • Student assessment analysis for instructional planning and differentiation strategies
Data Analysis

Data Analysis

We create data stories to analyze school-wide and classroom outcomes, alignment of curriculum to assessments, and core content rigor.

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Schoolwide & Classroom Performance
  • CAASPP, Interim Assessment, and local assessment data analysis
  • Single and multi-year view
  • Cohort progression
  • Student transiency impact

Interim/Local Assessment Alignment
  • Correlation analysis between CAASPP, Interim Assessments, and local assessments 

Curriculum Rigor Analysis & Selection
  • Analyzation of curriculum for appropriate rigor, CAASPP alignment, and selection support
Statewide Assessment Planning

Statewide Assessment Planning

We help school teams with year-long academic planning including CAASPP and Interim Assessment implementation.

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Year-long Strategy Planning
  • Professional development strategy
  • Interim Assessment timing
  • Teacher and schoolwide preparation

CAASPP & Interim Assessment Implementation
  • Strategic implementation
  • Scheduling
  • Student and teacher preparation